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Yes, We’re Open!

Yes, WE’RE OPEN! In accordance with the official guidelines of Collin and Dallas county, MRC is open for business.

Safety has always been one of our top priorities, but since the coronavirus really hit the fan in March of 2020, we’ve all had to re-prioritize many of our business goals and objectives for a minute. We too have updated some of our policies and procedures to address environmental safety. If you prefer to meet from a distance, we’re happy to meet via video conference. When we’re in your home, we follow some basic rules – which are in accordance with city, county and state guidelines for public health:

1. DON’T TOUCH anyone or anything you don’t have to touch.

2. DON’T SHARE anything you don’t have to share (i.e. pens, phones, electronics, hand tools, etc.)

3. CLEAN THINGS we have to share (i.e. switches, buttons, knobs, handles, railings, equipment, etc.)

4. CLEAN HANDS, often!

5. Respect and maintain the PERSONAL SPACE of others.

In some cases, with a renewed focus on environmental safety and public health, now can be a good time to start that project you’ve been thinking about – as we have had other projects postponed and rescheduled. So spring looks like it might be lighter than usual – but we expect to be double booked this summer!

Be safe!