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Winter Storm of 2021

The week of Feb 15, 2021 was one we won’t soon forget. First and foremost, this winter storm has disrupted many lives in our area. Some people will likely spend the rest of the year repairing their water damaged homes. If you happened to be home when a water line, plumbing connection, or fire sprinkler system broke, you might be able to stay in your home while you deal with this damage. However, many people are living in apartments, extended stay hotels, or with other family members because their home is such a wreck! As a result, we (along with most quality contractors) have been overwhelmed by the spike in demand for certain services.

While we’re always looking for good people and always growing, we will NOT rush out, grab a bunch of strangers or folks that are here from out of state, and head your way. This is what “storm chasers” do. We’ve never brought strangers into your home – and we’re not about to start now. Our reputation means too much to us. Instead, we promise to prioritize calls as they are received and continue working long days and weeks to help as many people as we possibly can. Of course existing clients and referrals always get a little extra love! I think this is the best long-term approach. We are not going to deviate from our long time vision and mission for this storm. Instead, we remain focused on our long-term reputation, earning loyal clients, and their referrals! While things seem a little chaotic right now, rest assure we have not changed. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Hope to see you soon!