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Reduced Project Lead Times!

Well, you already know how crazy 2020 has been, so let’s just say the year has not gone exactly per our 2020 forecast and objectives! While we’re all spending more time at home, most people feel one of two ways about remodeling and construction…”We’re home anyway so this is a good time to do these things,” or “This is not the time to have visitors in our home.” Even then, this stance can change quickly with the daily news, economic reports, your own company performance, school plans/schedules, etc.. So business has been up and down this year.

On the bright side, I think the MRC Team has grown a little closer as we fight through this together, and we’ve had a minute here and there to work on some internal processes and even ourselves. Also, Jennifer, who came on board in February, is now up to speed and making a difference in our office operations. Another silver lining, we usually need up to ~eight weeks to plan and start new projects – but right now, this lead time is down to ~four weeks for most projects. Small projects even less than that.

Rest assured, when you do have us in your home, we wear masks during face-to-face meetings and interactions, and we still look for ways to isolate the project area from the rest of your home. In some cases, we even have separate access to the project through a garage or side/back door.

So whether you prefer to see us now or wait it all out, just know we’re here, we’re strong, we’re open and we’re doing all we can to keep everyone safe. I hope you and your families are doing the same!