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Spring Has Sprung!

Open things up! Let the sun shine in. Let the outside in with a new glass door, french door, glass slider or window unit. Also a good time for all those exterior trim, painting and gutter projects! Call us today to schedule a short meet & greet!

Creative Ways to Expand Your Living Space for a Big Holiday Party

When your in the holiday spirit, it’s easy to send out gobs of invitations only to realize your living space might be a bit crowded if every invitation is accepted. As the guest list grows, you begin to wonder where on earth are you going to put all those people? Although you could probably ask your closest acquaintances to stand for most the night, that’s still not really a valid option. Instead, try a few of these tricks to make the most of your space and keep the good times rolling! Move end tables to other rooms to create more space for chairs or push the tables behind the chairs for an area to set drinks down.  This will give people more space to move around. Place cushions on the floor next to your coffee table to invite people to sit on the floor.  This is a great alternative for seating. Create conversation areas by pulling two or more chairs together facing a window. Guests can lean against the windowsill facing the chairs. Try pulling things away from walls and putting them back to back, creating multiple conversational areas in your space. Turn your dining table at a diagonal angle to create more space in a room.  You can give yourself up to 5 additional feet depending on the dimensions of your dining room. For a sit down meal, imagine a larger table that could span the length of two rooms instead of one.   It’s easy enough to put your table in two rooms at the same time. Even if it seems awkward at first, it’s an easy way to have more people sitting down to dinner. One of the easiest ways to make your space physically feel larger is the reflection of light. Mirrors are the easiest way to do that and although they don’t actually increase your floor plan, they can make guests feel like they have a little more room to breathe. Let surfaces pull double duty. Place a tray on an ottoman this takes the place of a side table but still allows an area for plates and cups. When worst comes to worst and you’re literally busting at the seams from your guests, don’t be afraid to go outdoors. If that means bundling up in coats and jackets and having a fire in your outdoor fireplace built by Manning Remodeling and Construction, then so be it! If you’re lucky enough to have amazing weather, enjoy it and soak up some sun! The more you entertain the more versatility you’ll see in your space and the less panic it will cause. There’s always a solution to small space woes, no matter how many friends and family you plan on packing in!  As far as parties go, the more the merrier.  

Facts About LED Lighting for the Holiday Season

There are so many great reasons to switch from using traditional incandescent lights to LED lights the holiday season.  Here are the some facts to help you consider your decision: LEDs are safer Unlike traditional incandescent Christmas lights, LED lights do not heat up.  This makes them great for lighting a real tree by reducing fire hazard and accidental skin burns. LEDs are more energy efficient LEDs use 90% less electricity than regular Christmas lights, saving you money on your holiday utility bills and reducing your impact on the environment. LEDs last longer LED lights have an average life span of 100,000 hours. If you hang your lights on Thanksgiving day  and turn them on for 5 hours per day  until New Year’s day, you will use about 200 hours per year.  LED lights last for 5 generations of your family! LEDs are more durable Since LEDs use light emitting diodes (not incandescence) to produce light, there are no filaments to burn out; so no bulbs to replace! Just plug in your Christmas lights and they’re ready for use. Also, since the bulbs are plastic rather than glass, there’s less chance of breaking lights while you’re stringing them up and less time spent fussing over how they’re packed up after the holidays. Just toss them in a box and forget about them until next year. LEDs come in a variety of styles LED blubs have a large selection of light color, size, and styles.  You can even find snowflake, rope lights, stars, etc… LEDs are cost effective A strand of indoor/outdoor lights can be purchased from retailers for as little as $9.99 a strand. LED Pitfalls While LED Christmas lights save a lot of energy and money, they may not be for everyone. Take a trip to the store to look at the technology first-hand, then decide if LEDs are right for you. Most retailers have displays that allow you to try out the bulbs, and some may even have entire trees or displays decorated with them.  

Time To Bundle Up!

The cold, wet & windy season is here so it’s time to bundle up…and I’m talking about the house! It’s Fall again, and as Benjamin Franklin put it, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While unproven, I’m pretty sure he was referring to home maintenance and weatherization. This starts with your roof and gutters – everything tight and sealed? How about your chimney and exterior soffits & trim – all solid, caulked and painted? Doors and windows – rot-free fiberglass, low-e and energy-efficient? Exterior water faucets covered? Exterior light bulbs replaced? From roof repairs to new gutters, trim, doors and windows, we have you covered. One call does it all!

Patio Season Is Here!

Winter is over, let’s hit the patio! Time to build or remodel that patio so you can enjoy the outdoors. From an all new patio, a patio (or driveway) expansion, or just a new stamp, YES, MRC does that! Outdoor living areas, patios, kitchens, fireplaces, arbors, covers, you name it…done! Call us today and we’ll schedule a short meeting to show you some of our work (we have plenty of pictures), discuss your ideas, design your new outdoor area and provide a free written estimate. Call us today at 214.316.1949.

The Super Team…

With full time employees, along with about 30 trusted partners/sub contractors, we’ve built a 1st Class, cross-functional team with proven workmanship and reliability – that can handle any type or size project you have! These are the guys that earn and maintain the MRC reputation on a daily basis!

Keeping Up With Demand

As you grow to rely on us for quick, reliable, quality  service – we continue to grow with you! On Jan 25, 2014, we added another vehicle to our small fleet. With this additional equipment and 2-man team, we’re better able to meet your growing demands. Thanks for your business and your referrals…this is how we grow! Signed, THE 1st class contractor for all your remodeling and renovation projects!!!

Fireplace Crystals – A Hot Trend!

Looking for a great way to update and renovate your gas fireplace and living room this winter? Ready to lose those old, dirty, dark fireplace logs? Let MRC remodel your fireplace with decorative fire crystals! First and foremost, fire crystals will make your fireplace a year-round attraction, whether it’s lit or not! You can select from more than a dozen colorful solutions to compliment any style or decor. You’ll use your fireplace more in the next few months than you’ve ever used it before! Fireplace crystals also produce more heat because they retain and radiate heat, while logs do not, so it looks AND feels great! Last but not least, fire crystals are clean, energy efficient and safe! Check out a few of these recent fireplace projects! Look at our fireplaces page for more pictures Call Manning Remodeling and Construction TODAY for a free estimate!   (214) 316-1949 

Is Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays?

Cooking for a crowd is a challenge no matter what conditions you’re cooking in. That challenge is amplified if you have appliances that don’t work properly and a layout that’s cramped, poorly laid out, and disorganized. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to cure your cramped kitchen woes. 1. Upgrade Your Appliances A properly laid out work area allows a cook to work more efficiently in the kitchen.  Sometimes you just don’t have a lot of space.  You can work around a lack of space by getting the right appliances. Double ovens are a great if you cook for many people. When you need more cabinet space, a stovetop will be an option you may want to consider. Cooking for a big group means cleaning up for a big group.  If you have the space, a second dishwasher would be ideal. If that’s not an option, you could go with an energy efficient, large capacity model. 2. Check Your Plumbing If you could have two sinks, wouldn’t that be great?! A kitchen with an island might be a great place for a prep sink.  A pot filler faucet behind your stove could be an alternative if a prep sink isn’t doable.  The faucet is a great way to improve your kitchen’s flow without spending an arm and a leg. Make sure your garbage disposal is functioning properly.  If it isn’t sounding too good, call a plumber to take a look before you have a house full. 3. Maximize Your Storage Upgrade your cabinets to make the most use of the space. Retractable trashcans, lazy Susans, pullout shelving, and drawer and cabinet dividers all make smart additions to your existing cabinets. If you’ve got the budget to install new cabinets, a great way to boost your storage options is to go with base cabinets with drawers rather than doors and to extend your upper cabinets to the ceiling. 4. Remodel Your Space Imaginations run wild when thinking of a kitchen remodel.  If you’re ready to start the process, call Manning Remodeling and Construction at (214) 316-1949. Whether you want to open things up for entertaining or add more room to accommodate multiple cooks in the kitchen, a remodel is the way to go if you want to create the ultimate cooking and entertaining environment.    

Our New Van is Here!

On September 13, 2013 we welcomed another vehicle to our small but growing fleet. This new equipment and additional 2-man team will help with large projects and keep response times down and service up! As always, thanks to all those we’ve had the pleasure to serve…and special thanks for all those referrals!

Yes, WE’RE OPEN! In accordance with the official guidelines of Collin and Dallas county, MRC is open for business. Safety has always been one of our top priorities, but since the coronavirus really hit the fan in March of 2020, we’ve all had to re-prioritize many of our business goals and objectives for a minute. We too have updated some of our policies and procedures to address environmental safety. If you prefer to meet from a distance, we’re happy to meet via video conference. When we’re in your home, we follow some basic rules – which are in accordance with city, county and state guidelines for public health: 1. DON’T TOUCH anyone or anything you don’t have to touch. 2. DON’T SHARE anything you don’t have to share (i.e. pens, phones, electronics, hand tools, etc.) 3. CLEAN THINGS we have to share (i.e. switches, buttons, knobs, handles, railings, equipment, etc.) 4. CLEAN HANDS, often! 5. Respect and maintain the PERSONAL SPACE of others. In some cases, with a renewed focus on environmental safety and public health, now can be a good time to start that project you’ve been thinking about – as we have had other projects postponed and rescheduled. So spring looks like it might be lighter than usual – but we expect to be double booked this summer! Be safe!

MRC has trusted Dana and Billow Marketing with all of our marketing and branding since 2012. You’ve been a full time member of the MRC Team for ~8 years! We wouldn’t be where we are today without your work and support. Thanks Dana!

Still wondering about oil-based versus water-based products like primers, paints and varnishes for your remodel or renovation? This is a common question. Here’s a simple answer…or as simple as I can make it. Oil based paints have been around about as long as paint has been around. Historically, they have good one coat coverage and boasts a smooth, hard and durable finish. Some homeowners and painters still fight for oil based paints today. However, the main issue is these products are slowly being phased out as safety, air quality and environmental regulations become more strict. These products have high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), they are flammable, can have toxic fumes and odors and require strong solvents for clean up. In fact, some oil base products are already banned in some US states! In the 1940’s, Sherwin Williams introduced the first latex, water-based house paint. These paints also have their pros and cons. However, the main thing is they are environmentally friendly. These products have a low or zero VOC, are non-flammable, non-toxic and require only soap and water for clean up. Additionally, the industry continues to research and further develop water-based paints to provide the best qualities of both the oil and water-based products – and the gap continues to narrow. Working with our local Sherwin Williams representatives, MRC has sampled, tested and studied many different water-based products over the past couple of years. In 2018, MRC narrowed and standardized all of our primers and paints to just a hand full of high-end, water-based, Sherwin Williams products. Besides the advantages just discussed, this has also reduced variability in our painting process. This helps us to achieve the same, repeatable, high quality results with every project.