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About Us

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The Beginning

“Growing up, I looked forward to the weekends because I got to go to work with my dad who, after he served in the Army and Vietnam, had a 38 year career in the custom home and construction industry. I never knew it at the time, but I was learning from the best! After a valuable corporate career in quality assurance and operations management, I turned my passion into full time work. I started by myself with small projects for family, friends and acquaintances. With every completed project, word spread, business grew and Manning Remodeling + Construction was born.” – Rick Manning

My dad’s business card from the late 1970’s. “M&S” was short for Manning & Son’s!

Our Mission

“I chose remodeling and construction because it was a passion. I enjoy it! It’s true what they say, Find a job you like and you won’t work a day in your life! So when I look to build a team, grow the team or add a new sub contractor to the team, I always look for people with the same passion for what they do. Together, our mission has been the same for 20+ years, to earn and maintain a 1st class reputation every day. This is how we win, not a project, but a client!” – Rick Manning

What We Do

“We are a full service remodeling and construction contractor serving North Dallas and Collin county. We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, full house renovations, additions and even custom builds. For over 20 years, we have worked hard to earn and maintain a 1st class reputation every day. Still, every project doesn’t go as planned every day, but this is one of the biggest opportunities to shine! This is where we show a client the difference between us and everyone else.” -Rick Manning


First, what you DON’T get.  With M.R.C., you don’t get handymen, day laborers or strangers in your home. You don’t get a 1-person company that doesn’t have time to answer the phone or return calls/text messages. You don’t get a low-cost contractor who wins a project on price, then must find ways to cut cost in order to make a profit. You don’t get a company so small they won’t/can’t stand behind their work – or worse yet, is out of business when you need them. Nor do you get a company so big the owner and organization doesn’t know you and your project. In short, you don’t get cheap labor, cheap materials, cheap workmanship, or cheap service…and you don’t get cheap results!

What you DO get is a team of professionals who share a passion for what we do. You get an office team that supports us all, a project manager that leads and communicates all aspects of your project on a daily basis, a team of skilled and trusted tradesmen, an owner that monitors your project and satisfaction closely – and of course this team includes you our client!