Holiday-party-tipsWhen your in the holiday spirit, it’s easy to send out gobs of invitations only to realize your living space might be a bit crowded if every invitation is accepted. As the guest list grows, you begin to wonder where on earth are you going to put all those people? Although you could probably ask your closest acquaintances to stand for most the night, that’s still not really a valid option. Instead, try a few of these tricks to make the most of your space and keep the good times rolling!

  • Move end tables to other rooms to create more space for chairs or push the tables behind the chairs for an area to set drinks down.  This will give people more space to move around.
  • Place cushions on the floor next to your coffee table to invite people to sit on the floor.  This is a great alternative for seating.
  • Create conversation areas by pulling two or more chairs together facing a window. Guests can lean against the windowsill facing the chairs. Try pulling things away from walls and putting them back to back, creating multiple conversational areas in your space.
  • Turn your dining table at a diagonal angle to create more space in a room.  You can give yourself up to 5 additional feet depending on the dimensions of your dining room.
  • For a sit down meal, imagine a larger table that could span the length of two rooms instead of one.   It’s easy enough to put your table in two rooms at the same time. Even if it seems awkward at first, it’s an easy way to have more people sitting down to dinner.
  • One of the easiest ways to make your space physically feel larger is the reflection of light. Mirrors are the easiest way to do that and although they don’t actually increase your floor plan, they can make guests feel like they have a little more room to breathe.
  • Let surfaces pull double duty. Place a tray on an ottoman this takes the place of a side table but still allows an area for plates and cups.
  • When worst comes to worst and you’re literally busting at the seams from your guests, don’t be afraid to go outdoors. If that means bundling up in coats and jackets and having a fire in your outdoor fireplace built by Manning Remodeling and Construction, then so be it! If you’re lucky enough to have amazing weather, enjoy it and soak up some sun!

The more you entertain the more versatility you’ll see in your space and the less panic it will cause. There’s always a solution to small space woes, no matter how many friends and family you plan on packing in!  As far as parties go, the more the merrier.


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