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Winter Checklist For Your Home

  As the temperature drops and there is a chill in the air, it’s time to pay attention to your home’s winter readiness.  Here are some tips to help make sure your home is energy-efficient and safe as Old Man Winter makes his appearance. Ceiling Fan Switch the direction of the blades to spin clockwise and run at low speed to circulate warm air down from the ceiling.  Remember air rises and cool air descends, so the direction your fan spins depends on the season. Furnace and Thermostat Give the system a full test.  Get a tune-up if need be.  A programmable thermostat that can automatically lower the temperature when you aren’t home might be a smart investment. Air Conditioners Cover window units or remove them completely so you can close windows and prevent drafts. Cover your exterior central AC units. Rodents They are looking for warmth so make sure to seal all holes and cracks around the outside to help ensure pests like squirrels and mice can’t get inside. Water Shut off the water to exterior faucets and drain the lines to the help prevent freezing and pipe bursts. Pool Clean out any leaves, insects, dirt and debris.  Drain most of the water but make sure not to empty it completely. Block Drafts Use weather stripping, window film and caulk to control heat loss around the doors, windows and baseboards.  By doing this, you can save up to 30% in your energy bill annually. Chimneys If you have a fireplace, get your chimneys cleaned by an experienced chimney sweep.  Blockages and buildup are a fire hazard. Door Locks Spray exterior door locks with powdered-graphite lubricant to help keep them from freezing and sticking in extreme cold. Water Heater Consider lowering the temperature on your water heater.  Most are set at 140 degrees but some households only need it set at 120 degrees to be comfortable. Lowering the temperature can save you as much at $30 per year for every 10 degrees the temperature is lowered and will help reduce wear and tear on the pipes.     Sources:

Want a REAL Guarantee?

Want a real quality guarantee? You got it! MRC is a proud member of The Good Contractors List! This organization is on a mission to change the contracting industry through accountability and responsibility. After an extensive interview and screening process, they endorse and guarantee our quality of work. This means when you hire MRC, you also get a free $10,000 third-party guarantee! So if you’re ever unhappy with our work and we can’t resolve it, The Good Contractors List will pay up to $10,000 to fix the issue. Now that’s a real quality guarantee!                                                                                        

Extend Your Home With An Outdoor Kitchen

If your kitchen is the heart of your home, your outdoor kitchen can become the heart of your outdoor living space! Maybe you’ve got your landscaping all set, and it’s growing into a lovely frame for your home making your yard a welcome sight for you, your guests and your neighbors. A garden and a pool may already be in place or in your future plans. Now’s the time to extend the comfort and hospitality you’re creating by adding an outdoor kitchen to enhance your outdoor living space and increase the value of your property. Everybody loves to gather around the grill or sit around a patio set with table and chairs, right? Why not offer a bit more elegance as you consider these options for an outdoor kitchen: Covered with a roof for use in in wet weather or open-air for sunny days Wood, metal, stone or brick construction for just the right look to complement your home Situated up next to the house or free-standing as a separate room out-of-doors Surrounded with a privacy screen, or open to enjoy the view Rustic construction and décor or slick and modern Enclosed and temperature-controlled or naturally shady and breezy In other words, you can plan and build your outdoor kitchen to your heart’s content and that includes the appliances of course. It’s the grill, oven, burners and refrigeration units that turn a typical patio or gazebo space into a kitchen. We can help you select the perfect appliances for your budget and your lifestyle; so let’s get together and create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams! Of course we’ll coordinate with your landscaper and pool company if you’re in the planning stages of putting together a whole plan for your backyard living space. Just call us to get started now.  

Storage That Gives You Peace of Mind!

When you’re too busy to think straight, organizing your storage area might not be at the top of your to-do list, but a well-organized storage area can save you a lot of time, instead of searching for all the household items, clothing, shoes and accessories you need every day and getting aggravated in the process… Whether you’re thrilled with the nice, roomy storage in your new home or making-do with standard closets in a home you’ve been enjoying for years, it’s likely you’ve got storage issues for the same reason – you’ve got too much stuff and not enough organization. It’s a common problem for most homeowners. Fortunately, we know how to help you fix it. No, we’re not talking about discarding or donating. Our solutions are practical, affordable and built to save you all that time and energy you’re wasting now, and spare you the aggravation, too! Maybe you’ve looked at DIY systems at hardware stores and wondered when you’d ever get around to drawing plans, purchasing and installing all the pieces yourself. When there’s no time to organize your storage area, there’s usually no time to coordinate a construction project either. Let Manning Remodeling and Construction, Inc. help you get a cabinetry solution in place quickly and easily. Choose from wood, wire or steel components that match your home and your style. No matter how much you need to store and how heavy your items may be, we can put together a shelving system or cabinets that perfectly suit your needs. From conception through construction and clean-up, we’ll take care of your project professionally and make sure your storage area gets organized and stays organized once and for all!  

Best Recommendation Ever!!!

Of all the referrals, feedback, recommendations, satisfaction surveys and reviews we receive on a regular bases, this might be the best one yet! Had to share… Thanks to everyone who has ever trusted MRC in and with your their home. “Rick and his whole team are great! They will come in and listen to what you want to do and then explain to you in detail how they plan on accomplishing the task. If you want to get into details they will get into details. Or you just want them to get the job done then they will do that too. They are a little bit more expensive than some of the other estimates, however, you get what you pay for with Rick and his team. Their professionalism, quality of work, willingness to go the extra mile and craftsmanship are far superior than some of the other low budget contractors will give you. Rick also uses a dedicated team, so no sub-contractors. All of his guys are expertly trained and have been doing this work for years. There is no learning on the job here. As for materials and supplies, Rick and his team use all of the best materials and supplies needed to get the job done right the first time. They won’t attempt to short-change you by using fewer or subpar materials just to get the price reduced. Lastly, his whole team is very professional and thorough. They will explain everything even as they are doing the work if you are interested. They also do all the small things like properly covering all flooring, fixtures and furniture. Cleaning up extra well after each sub-task. All in all, I would definitely recommend Rick and his team and would definitely use them again in the future! If you want to save some money, hire someone who will use cheap materials & labor, hire third-party contractors who are not well trained and who will do a shoddy job…then hire someone else. If you want a great team with highly experienced, well trained company employees who use premier tools and materials to do an excellent, long-lasting job…then hire Rick and his team.” – Kurt in Plano. March 2016.

Spring is almost here! Let’s hit the patio!

When you think about residential renovations, kitchens, bathrooms and living areas are probably the first to come to mind – but don’t forget the backyard. They’re certainly not what they use to be! These days the backyard can be an extension of the house or additional living space. For more kitchen, bathroom and patio pictures by Manning Remodeling + Construction, Inc., visit us at  

Show Off Your Bathrooms This Holiday Season

When you decorate your home for the holidays, do you skip the bathrooms – thinking they’re beyond hope? Is your guest bathroom just a small, dreary place everybody has to visit now and then, but tries to get in and out of quickly? All those lovely bathrooms you see in magazines and online have features that can be duplicated in your existing home without moving and/or building a new home. Choose to update your shower and tub or convert this space into a new enlarged walk-in with two shower heads. Select new faucets and fixtures to match the new tub/shower faucets. Maybe a new vanity with a framed mirror and new light fixtures are what you need for a bright new look with the best value. Also, don’t forget the flooring. New tile flooring and tile baseboards offer a stylish new look which enhances the value of your home. While you’re in the process of remodeling your bathroom, look for ways to expand and increase the square footage. Larger bathrooms are a popular choice with singles, couples and families alike. Your investment in upgrading a bathroom is smart. Besides the enjoyment you’ll gain while living in your home, real estate agents report that remodeled bathrooms can be a tremendous draw for new buyers. Bring your bathroom into the new century and show it off the next time you have folks over instead of hoping they won’t use/see it! Your guests will have nothing but compliments galore on the fresh, new look.  

Embrace The Cold With A New Fireplace

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are a source of comfort as well as heat. People love to gather around a fireplace, so what better time to upgrade than before your holiday visitors arrive? Since your fireplace is often the focal point, it can be a great way to update your home in one project. Exciting new fireplace technology makes it so easy to get the new look and the ambience you love.  For example, indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces, fire pits or bowls can be transformed with the use of fire glass crystals, a colorful alternative to artificial logs.  This is a high quality, clean and safe tempered glass.  Natural gas or propane burns through the crystals with no residue or contaminates. Additionally, these fire crystals retain and radiate more heat than other fireplace options.  The glass gets hot and reflects the heat back into the room so you are not just getting the heat from the flame.  So not only does it look great, it feels great! Removing old brick and replacing it with tile, stone, granite or marble is another way to give your indoor fireplace a facelift and transform your living room, family room or dining room. For those who prefer to burn wood, EPA-certified, high-efficiency fireplace inserts come in a variety of sizes and styles. The possibilities for a new fireplace or fire pit are nearly endless.  A new fireplace is a great way to bring you, your family and your guests closer this winter while updating your most common living space.      

Baseboards Are A Must

Time to renovate? Time to upgrade? If so, new flooring is usually a given…a must! We can spend days or weeks selecting just the right flooring…but did you remember the baseboards? I often refer to new baseboards as a hidden cost of a nice new floor. It’s often over looked, but a new floor with old, undersized, builder grade baseboards is a mistake. This finishing trim work (regardless of the exact style) and these sort of details are a trade mark of a 1st class contractor and quality minded customer. For the very best results with your new floor project, don’t forget the new, upgraded baseboards – the difference is night and day!     

Lose the Tub Without Losing Value

How long has it been since you had a nice, long bubble bath? I bet you can’t remember…but I’m sure you took a shower today!  If you’re like many, when bathing, you certainly like a nice home and bathroom, but the faster and easier, the better. We are noticing that homeowners are caring less about a seldom used master bathtub (as long as their home has at least one bathtub elsewhere in the home) and prefer an enlarged, spacious shower. The National Association of Realtors advises homeowners who are considering a bathroom remodeling project and its impact on resale value to understand this – as long as their home has at least one bathtub, changing from a tub/shower to a shower only in the master bathroom doesn’t negatively impact their home’s resale value. Dallas Realtor Johanna Mattox shares, “There certainly appears to be a new trend toward master bathrooms without a bathtub – as more people are opting for a larger walk-in shower. Judging from some of the showers I’ve seen, on social media and in person, who can blame them! The better contractors around town, along with all the new materials and shower gadgets out there, are taking showers to a whole new level. They’re unbelievable…beautiful!”    

June 2021. As this certificate states, Manning Remodeling + Construction, Inc. has completed 5 years of exemplary service with 100% customer satisfaction as a member of the Good Contractor List. The Good Contractors List is the only organization that backs each of their members/contractors with a $10,000 guarantee – to ensure the quality of the final product and we the contractor delivers as promised. Kudos to the entire MRC Team and all of our partners!

The week of Feb 15, 2021 was one we won’t soon forget. First and foremost, this winter storm has disrupted many lives in our area. Some people will likely spend the rest of the year repairing their water damaged homes. If you happened to be home when a water line, plumbing connection, or fire sprinkler system broke, you might be able to stay in your home while you deal with this damage. However, many people are living in apartments, extended stay hotels, or with other family members because their home is such a wreck! As a result, we (along with most quality contractors) have been overwhelmed by the spike in demand for certain services. While we’re always looking for good people and always growing, we will NOT rush out, grab a bunch of strangers or folks that are here from out of state, and head your way. This is what “storm chasers” do. We’ve never brought strangers into your home – and we’re not about to start now. Our reputation means too much to us. Instead, we promise to prioritize calls as they are received and continue working long days and weeks to help as many people as we possibly can. Of course existing clients and referrals always get a little extra love! I think this is the best long-term approach. We are not going to deviate from our long time vision and mission for this storm. Instead, we remain focused on our long-term reputation, earning loyal clients, and their referrals! While things seem a little chaotic right now, rest assure we have not changed. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Hope to see you soon!

Well, you already know how crazy 2020 has been, so let’s just say the year has not gone exactly per our 2020 forecast and objectives! While we’re all spending more time at home, most people feel one of two ways about remodeling and construction…”We’re home anyway so this is a good time to do these things,” or “This is not the time to have visitors in our home.” Even then, this stance can change quickly with the daily news, economic reports, your own company performance, school plans/schedules, etc.. So business has been up and down this year. On the bright side, I think the MRC Team has grown a little closer as we fight through this together, and we’ve had a minute here and there to work on some internal processes and even ourselves. Also, Jennifer, who came on board in February, is now up to speed and making a difference in our office operations. Another silver lining, we usually need up to ~eight weeks to plan and start new projects – but right now, this lead time is down to ~four weeks for most projects. Small projects even less than that. Rest assured, when you do have us in your home, we wear masks during face-to-face meetings and interactions, and we still look for ways to isolate the project area from the rest of your home. In some cases, we even have separate access to the project through a garage or side/back door. So whether you prefer to see us now or wait it all out, just know we’re here, we’re strong, we’re open and we’re doing all we can to keep everyone safe. I hope you and your families are doing the same!