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Thanks Billow Marketing!

MRC has trusted Dana and Billow Marketing with all of our marketing and branding since 2012. You’ve been a full time member of the MRC Team for ~8 years! We wouldn’t be where we are today without your work and support. Thanks Dana!

Oil vs. Water Based Paints

Still wondering about oil-based versus water-based products like primers, paints and varnishes for your remodel or renovation? This is a common question. Here’s a simple answer…or as simple as I can make it. Oil based paints have been around about as long as paint has been around. Historically, they have good one coat coverage and boasts a smooth, hard and durable finish. Some homeowners and painters still fight for oil based paints today. However, the main issue is these products are slowly being phased out as safety, air quality and environmental regulations become more strict. These products have high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), they are flammable, can have toxic fumes and odors and require strong solvents for clean up. In fact, some oil base products are already banned in some US states! In the 1940’s, Sherwin Williams introduced the first latex, water-based house paint. These paints also have their pros and cons. However, the main thing is they are environmentally friendly. These products have a low or zero VOC, are non-flammable, non-toxic and require only soap and water for clean up. Additionally, the industry continues to research and further develop water-based paints to provide the best qualities of both the oil and water-based products – and the gap continues to narrow. Working with our local Sherwin Williams representatives, MRC has sampled, tested and studied many different water-based products over the past couple of years. In 2018, MRC narrowed and standardized all of our primers and paints to just a hand full of high-end, water-based, Sherwin Williams products. Besides the advantages just discussed, this has also reduced variability in our painting process. This helps us to achieve the same, repeatable, high quality results with every project.

2018 Super Service Award

Thanks to all our clients who submitted project reviews in 2018. MRC has received the 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award – for our quality and service. Each year, Angie’s List gives the Super Service Award to the top A-rated companies in their category, within their market. Your reviews determine the winners of this award. THANK YOU!

Happy Fall Y’all!

To Our Clients, First and foremost, thanks to each and every client that has trusted MRC with your home remodeling or renovation project in 2018. A lot has changed over the years as we continue to grow – but rest assured one thing that can not/will not change is the quality, service and warranty that helped build the 1st class reputation we are so proud of today. With all of the remodeling and construction here in north Texas, there are more contractors to choose from than ever before- so thank you for all the research and study. Thank you for all of the referrals. Thank you for all the online reviews and surveys. Thank you for choosing us! Regards, Rick Manning and the MRC Team Vendor Spotlight Testimonials MRC is Hiring! We accept all major credit cards. Review MRC on Google Good Contractors $10,000 Guarantee

Zero VOC

For many years now, the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) of professional cleaners, primers, paints and finishes have been a concern for the construction industry, painters and home owners alike. On one hand, some of these materials can have harmful levels of emissions – or a “high VOC” – yet these same VOC’s were once considered essential to the performance of the paint and finish. More recently however, manufacturers have been (and continue) working to develop new water based solutions with both a zero VOC and a high quality, long lasting finish. Some have worked, some have not worked and some still vary per application. This is why “high”, “low” and “zero” VOC and oil based vs. water based products are still widely debated. One thing is for sure, we’re always looking for ways to improve our standard materials and processes. So we study and test new & improved primers and paints on a regular basis. Once a new or different product is tested and proven, we look for ways to incorporate them into our standard processes. Since the summer of 2018, our standard painting materials of choice has been high end Sherwin Williams, water based, low or zero VOC products. Just an example of what we mean when we promise “top notch materials”!

Fireplace Season Is Here!

The cold weather is just around the corner – perfect time to schedule that fireplace remodel! Call us now and you can still enjoy your new fireplace this Christmas. Check out some of our recent “Living Room/Fireplace” pictures today.

A+ Rating!

Looking for an A+ contractor? You’ve found one! However, don’t just take our word for it – check us out with the North Texas Better Business Bureau at to learn more. July 2017 marks our 4th year as a BBB Accredited Business.

Super Service Award

Thanks to all our clients that have taken the time to share their experience with Manning Remodeling + Construction, Inc. on Angie’s List. Your reviews on our quality, service & professionalism, year after year, has helped us to build an overall “A” rating on Angie’s List. Keep those reviews coming!

Our First Project Manager

In May 2017, MRC hired our first full time Project Manager. This concept and hire has already had a positive impact with our sub contractors, suppliers and customers. As we grow, the idea is to hire professional project managers who will closely manage the project schedule, our crews, quality control, cleanliness, communications, and overall client satisfaction. With this and other ongoing changes, Manning Remodeling + Construction, Inc. is always looking for ways to improve our product, service and satisfaction!

Credit Cards Accepted

Effective January 1, 2017, MRC will accept major credit cards. Over the past few years, we’ve had a growing number of clients ask if they can pay by credit card – and now you can! We hope this additional service will meet our customers’ needs. Happy New Year!

On Oct 7, 2022, Manning Remodeling + Construction, Inc. launched our new, totally redesigned, web site. Whether you’re a new or returning visitor, see what’s new at Special thanks to the entire team at Billow Marketing!

Effective Sep 1, 2022, our new general office email address is For the best results and the quickest response, please use this address for any/all new inquiries, current projects or general business matters. We look forward to hearing from you!

On April 6, 2022, Manning Remodeling + Construction, Inc. became a member of the Dallas Builders Association. The Dallas Builders Association, chartered in 1944, is a trade association representing all segments of the residential building industry in the Dallas Metropolitan area. Its mission is to enhance its members ability to provide safe, affordable, quality housing to the citizens of the local communities.