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"Rick, as always the work was done perfectly. Tim and Michael were both efficient, professional, kind and cleaned up the area when they left. As always, above and beyond what any other company would do. Thank you."

Kathy in Plano - Sep 2013

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Remodeling and Home Design

Manning Remodeling and Construction, Floor Laying, Refinishing & Resurfacing, Plano, TX

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Services and Pictures

* Kitchens

Kitchen repairs and remodeling is one of our most common projects! Need help, say the word!

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* Bathrooms

Bath room repairs and remodeling is also one of our most common projects! We're ready when you are!

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* Fireplaces

And don't forget the fireplace! See the hot new trend!

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* Texture/Paint

Interior & Exterior Trim and Painting...let's roll!

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* Cabinetry

Framing, Interior or exterior trim work, Cabinetry? Yes, Yes and Yes!

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* Stairs

Wood stairs, carpet stairs, iron balusters, hand rails...we're a step above the rest!

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* Plumbing

We can handle all your plumbing needs - small or large! See a leak, let us take a peak!

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* Lighting

We can also handle all your electrical needs - small or large! a cost that won't shock you!

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* Flooring

New wood, tile or carpet problem!

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* Appliances

You pick it, we'll stick it!

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* Audio/Video

Got a new flat screen, new in-wall speaker system or new video camera system and want a nice, clean install? ...just call!

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* Closets/Garages

Ready to get organized with a new closet, pantry or garage system? We've been there, done that, got the pictures!

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* Exterior

Does your home need exterior trim, caulk, paint, brick, window, door or concrete repairs? Let's do it!

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* Interior Design

We've seen and built a lot of kitchens, bathrooms and high-end residential renovations since 2002. We also follow and study interior decor and design. So we ...

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