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"Rick, it is beyond perfect! I'm thrilled with the way the patio area looks. A neighbor was here when I got home and she needs some exterior trim and painting done. I showed her what you did and said I trusted you like a brother! Your crew was great too. Very professional and courteous."

Marsha in Dallas - Nov 2012

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Manning Remodeling and Construction, Floor Laying, Refinishing & Resurfacing, Plano, TX

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Services and Pictures

* Kitchens

Kitchen repairs and remodeling is one of our most common projects! Need help, say the word!

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* Bathrooms

Bath room repairs and remodeling is also one of our most common projects! We're ready when you are!

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* Fireplaces

And don't forget the fireplace! See the hot new trend!

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* Texture/Paint

Interior & Exterior Trim and Painting...let's roll!

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* Cabinetry

Framing, Interior or exterior trim work, Cabinetry? Yes, Yes and Yes!

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* Stairs

Wood stairs, carpet stairs, iron balusters, hand rails...we're a step above the rest!

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* Plumbing

We can handle all your plumbing needs - small or large! See a leak, let us take a peak!

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* Lighting

We can also handle all your electrical needs - small or large! a cost that won't shock you!

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* Flooring

New wood, tile or carpet problem!

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* Appliances

You pick it, we'll stick it!

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* Audio/Video

Got a new flat screen, new in-wall speaker system or new video camera system and want a nice, clean install? ...just call!

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* Closets/Garages

Ready to get organized with a new closet, pantry or garage system? We've been there, done that, got the pictures!

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* Exterior

Does your home need exterior trim, caulk, paint, brick, window, door or concrete repairs? Let's do it!

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* Interior Design

We've seen and built a lot of kitchens, bathrooms and high-end residential renovations since 2002. We also follow and study interior decor and design. So we ...

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