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"We hired Rick Manning and his company to take over a remodeling project after we broke-up with another remodeling company mid-way through the project. Basically, Rick had to come in and figure out from a picture and other people\\\'s rough estimates exactly what we wanted. It was a disadvantage for him and his crew but they executed and completed the job perfectly.
The employees were all great at their craft, trained in all aspects of remodeling (so you don\\\'t have to wait for the tile guy to show up because the tile guy is also the electrician, and so forth), polite, friendly and ridiculously clean. They clean up after each day of work so we never had a night of dust or equipment lying around waiting for the workers the next day. Example: The guy who cut the tile in our garage and driveway vacuumed and then mopped our entire garage floor! How great is that? They always arrived on time, kept us informed on who was coming and what they were doing, and what was going to happen next.
As with all remodeling projects there were some challenges the crew faced, specifically with our new fireplace install, but no one ever complained. They solved the problem without hesitation. Again, these guys came into this job and had to deal with vendors they dont normally work with so I give them high praise for making it easy on us. There were a couple of design decisions we had to make of which we were clueless on the direction we needed to go and Rick and his guys offered their opinions. This was much appreciated and spot-on.
I know this review is heavy on the praise and I sound like I\\\'m gushing but we have done A LOT of remodeling over the years with several companies and honestly, our experience with Manning Remodeling and Construction is far and away the best.
Rick\\\'s project manager Tim, before he closed out our project, asked if everything was perfect. I said nothing is ever perfect but it looks darn close to perfect to me. Well, I\\\'ve lived with the results for a couple of days now and I can\\\'t find a thing wrong. The tile lines are perfectly lined up, the paint is perfectly applied, etc. So, I have to say they did a perfect job!"

Taryn in Plano - Jun 2014

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Show Off Your Bathrooms This Holiday Season

When you decorate your home for the holidays, do you skip the bathrooms – thinking they’re beyond hope?

Is your guest bathroom just a small, dreary place everybody has to visit now and then, but tries to get in and out of quickly?

All those lovely bathrooms you see in magazines and online have features that can be duplicated in your existing home without moving and/or building a new home.

Choose to update your shower and tub or convert this space into a new enlarged walk-in with two shower heads. Select new faucets and fixtures to match the new tub/shower faucets.

Maybe a new vanity with a framed mirror and new light fixtures are what you need for a bright new look with the best value.

Also, don’t forget the flooring. New tile flooring and tile baseboards offer a stylish new look which enhances the value of your home.

While you’re in the process of remodeling your bathroom, look for ways to expand and increase the square footage. Larger bathrooms are a popular choice with singles, couples and families alike.

Your investment in upgrading a bathroom is smart. Besides the enjoyment you’ll gain while living in your home, real estate agents report that remodeled bathrooms can be a tremendous draw for new buyers.

Bring your bathroom into the new century and show it off the next time you have folks over instead of hoping they won’t use/see it! Your guests will have nothing but compliments galore on the fresh, new look.