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"We are lucky. We had hired Rick on a recommendation of a friend to paint the interior of a house we had to sell. That house was 40 years old and looked it. I swear, I am so glad disco is dead. After Rick and his crew did such an amazing job painting, we had five offers within days, and sold the house within three weeks. Fast forward to what this job is about. We moved into our new home and while the previous owners had lived in it for 12 years and had made a few upgrades, the house needs to enter the 21st century. Our first order of business was to protect the repaired foundation. We called Rick and he came over. We told him ALL the jobs we wanted to work on, and he worked up a COMPLETE estimate for each. First was the Exterior. Before we could add gutters, we had to repaint the outside. God, I think the previous owners had it powder blue. I likely gagged when I saw bits of that color all over the place. Anyway, after we made the decision to start transforming our home, Rick told us a crew would be out the next day! Yeah, that was the sound of my jaw hitting the ground, folks. We were unprepared, but quickly jumped at the awesome timing. The team came out and power washed the house on Thursday. We had looked online and chose a quality paint color. Rick told my husband to take a screenshot of the color, TEXT it to him, and then Rick or his crew bought the paint. The team returned the next day and by the time we returned home from our jobs THE WORK WAS DONE. Paint AND gutters. I kid you not. Everything was painted, gutters matched the paint so well that I only knew they were a tiny bit off the color because that paint we chose doesn't come in the gutter selection. On Saturday, the crew came back and did minor touch ups. Rick came by on SUNDAY to see the work himself. I was busy working or I would have tackle hugged him to the ground. He was lucky to get away with only a handshake from my husband. So, yeah. I kinda love Rick and his gang. I've dealt with NIGHTMARE contractors. People who should not be permitted licenses. People who should be in jail for shoddy workmanship and rip-off prices. We'll be working with Rick Manning and his superhero team until this 1985 ranch house is mistaken for something out of Star Trek. The guy is awesome. We're excited to get to the next project, and I'll be sure to post here each time so you all know how it goes."

Jon & Tricia in Parker - Sep 2013

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Lose the Tub Without Losing Value

How long has it been since you had a nice, long bubble bath? I bet you can’t remember…but I’m sure you took a shower today! 

If you’re like many, when bathing, you certainly like a nice home and bathroom, but the faster and easier, the better. We are noticing that homeowners are caring less about a seldom used master bathtub (as long as their home has at least one bathtub elsewhere in the home) and prefer an enlarged, spacious shower.

The National Association of Realtors advises homeowners who are considering a bathroom remodeling project and its impact on resale value to understand this – as long as their home has at least one bathtub, changing from a tub/shower to a shower only in the master bathroom doesn’t negatively impact their home’s resale value.

JohannaDallas Realtor Johanna Mattox shares, “There certainly appears to be a new trend toward master bathrooms without a bathtub – as more people are opting for a larger walk-in shower. Judging from some of the showers I’ve seen, on social media and in person, who can blame them! The better contractors around town, along with all the new materials and shower gadgets out there, are taking showers to a whole new level. They’re unbelievable…beautiful!”