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"Having used other contractors in the Plano area before--most never get repeat business from me [but] Rick and his team not only did a great job but let me know they appreciated my business. All of Rick's crew go above and beyond to provide excellent service. Rick is conscientious and very easy to work with which helps when money and time are at a premium. I'm looking forward to working with Rick on future projects."

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Extend Your Home With An Outdoor Kitchen

If your kitchen is the heart of your home, your outdoor kitchen can become the heart of your outdoor living space!

Maybe you’ve got your landscaping all set, and it’s growing into a lovely frame for your home making your yard a welcome sight for you, your guests and your neighbors. A garden and a pool may already be in place or in your future plans.

Now’s the time to extend the comfort and hospitality you’re creating by adding an outdoor kitchen to enhance your outdoor living space and increase the value of your property.

Everybody loves to gather around the grill or sit around a patio set with table and chairs, right? Why not offer a bit more elegance as you consider these options for an outdoor kitchen:

  • Covered with a roof for use in in wet weather or open-air for sunny days
  • Wood, metal, stone or brick construction for just the right look to complement your home
  • Situated up next to the house or free-standing as a separate room out-of-doors
  • Surrounded with a privacy screen, or open to enjoy the view
  • Rustic construction and décor or slick and modern
  • Enclosed and temperature-controlled or naturally shady and breezy

In other words, you can plan and build your outdoor kitchen to your heart’s content and that includes the appliances of course.

It’s the grill, oven, burners and refrigeration units that turn a typical patio or gazebo space into a kitchen. We can help you select the perfect appliances for your budget and your lifestyle; so let’s get together and create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Of course we’ll coordinate with your landscaper and pool company if you’re in the planning stages of putting together a whole plan for your backyard living space. Just call us to get started now.


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