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"Manning Remodeling and Construction and has done 2 projects on my house in the last 6 weeks. Both have been done extremely well. The best thing about Rick is almost all of his work is done by employees and he uses subcontractors only when he has to. His guys show up on time, are extremely courteous and professional and do very good work. Best of all, if it is not right, Rick makes sure it is fixed until you are satisfied and I don’t mean in a month, I mean right now. He has stayed in constant touch with me throughout each project asking me if I was satisfied. His guys get things done and don’t mess around.

Rick is a no nonsense, straight shooter who will tell you the way it is, not necessarily what you want or need to hear to feel good."

Tim in Plano - Aug 2014

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Embrace The Cold With A New Fireplace

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces are a source of comfort as well as heat. People love to gather around a fireplace, so what better time to upgrade than before your holiday visitors arrive?

Since your fireplace is often the focal point, it can be a great way to update your home in one project. Exciting new fireplace technology makes it so easy to get the new look and the ambience you love.  For example, indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces, fire pits or bowls can be transformed with the use of fire glass crystals, a colorful alternative to artificial logs.  This is a high quality, clean and safe tempered glass.  Natural gas or propane burns through the crystals with no residue or contaminates. Additionally, these fire crystals retain and radiate more heat than other fireplace options.  The glass gets hot and reflects the heat back into the room so you are not just getting the heat from the flame.  So not only does it look great, it feels great!

Removing old brick and replacing it with tile, stone, granite or marble is another way to give your indoor fireplace a facelift and transform your living room, family room or dining room.

For those who prefer to burn wood, EPA-certified, high-efficiency fireplace inserts come in a variety of sizes and styles.

The possibilities for a new fireplace or fire pit are nearly endless.  A new fireplace is a great way to bring you, your family and your guests closer this winter while updating your most common living space.