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"Rick, it is beyond perfect! I'm thrilled with the way the patio area looks. A neighbor was here when I got home and she needs some exterior trim and painting done. I showed her what you did and said I trusted you like a brother! Your crew was great too. Very professional and courteous."

Marsha in Dallas - Nov 2012

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Zero VOC

For many years, the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) of some cleaners, primers, paints and finishes have been a concern for the construction industry, painters and end customers alike. On one hand, some of these materials can have harmful levels of emissions – or a “high VOC” – yet these same VOC’s were once considered essential to the performance of the paint and finish. For years now, manufacturers have been working to develop new solutions with both a zero VOC and a high quality, long lasting finish. Some have worked, some have not worked and some still vary per application. This is why “high”, “low” and “zero” VOC is still a concern today. Today, MRC continues to test new & improved primers and paints on a regular basis – and once a product and it’s reliability are proven, we look to implement changes to our procedures and processes. Just an example of what we mean when we promise “top notch tradesmen” and “top notch materials”!