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"Everything was great. They were punctual, professional and always made sure we were happy with each step along the way. The bathroom is beautiful and updated now."

Bobbi O in Plano - Apr 2015

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The MRC Team

First, let’s review what you DON’T get when you hire MRC. You don’t get a handyman. You don’t get someone who does remodeling on the side. You don’t get someone who knows one trade and does their best with all the others. You don’t get day laborers or strangers. You don’t get one of these new low-cost contractors that win a project on price, then looks for ways to cut time and costs in order to make money. You don’t get a company so small they may not be around to stand behind their work. Nor do you get company so big the owner doesn’t know you or your project. In general, you don’t get cheap labor, cheap materials, cheap workmanship or cheap service… and you certainly don’t get cheap results!

What you DO get when you hire MRC, is a full-service team of professionals who are proud of their everyday work. You get an owner/salesperson, an office manager, a project manager, skilled & experienced tradesmen and of course the team includes you the customer. Even our sub contractors are individuals and crews with whom we’ve established a long working relationship – and they share MRC’s standards. In many cases, our subs are even former MRC employees! So you can rest assured when you hire MRC, you get MRC cleanliness, workmanship and service from everyone involved with your project. This is the only way they’re trusted with our 1st class reputation – and your home – on a daily basis!